Mobile Edge Computing Experiment Platform System (MEC-EA-100):

The system can perform the experiment or evaluation of Cloud Computing, Fog Computing or Mobile Edge Compuitng for Unviersity or Research Instiute. The system consists of termial subsystem (TE-200), base station subsystem (BA-300), edge cloud/edge server subsystem and supports 4G-LET, WiFi, Interent and other access.It supports Openstack, Doctor and other cloud management tool, and can link pulick cloud, private cloud and simulated cloud. For reseachers, it can be used for computer network and service computing evaualtion such as service recommendation, service compostion and service migration.


Cloud Computing Simuation Platform System(VCloud-S00):

For Goverment and Manager, it can provide scientific decision and quantitative analysis such as Cloud datacenter size, datacenter location, and cost and profit.For Enterpris, it can help the manager to decise whether take the business servcie to Cloud, whcich business is deployed on the cloud, how to tradeoff the public cloud and private cloud. For Unvivesity and reseacher institution, it can be used to support the simulation or experiment of fat tree cloud datacenter, multiple cloud datacenters, and combination of real cloud and simulated cloud.


4G Base Station System(4GFDD-BS00):

The system adopts software radio component and 3GPP protocl to realize the 4G-LTE base station. It also can optimize the Linux based the standrand C.In this system, PC can realize the funcation layers such as PHY, MAC, RLC, PDCP and RRC. It can send IP data by Linux Ip protcol, and Non-Access Straum messages by AT. Here, the link between eNB and MME is based on the IP. The data transmission is also based on the corresponding IP address. The System can used to study wireless communicaiton and mobile edge computing.


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